EQ tools

I will move here an interesting point Gwylim has rised somewhere else…

I have to admit it would be pretty usefull… I often find myself with the problem of cutting away low freqz from a track
Normally I just use EQ10 to tweak the sound…but sometimes it’s just not enough… so I am compelled to use some filter to do that… but in this way I can’t really see what freqz I’m actually cutting… or how much I’m cutting… filters only show a certain “percentage” ( % ) that gives no clue about the actual freq being cutted (in Mhz)…
It would be usefull some kind of filter to simply “Cut down” freqz beyond or before a certain Mhz treshold…
Bandpass or bandreject filters… I feel they are somehow limited for this… am I wrong here?
I would love some internal dsp effect to walk somewhere near the T-Racks path :P :)

I guess you refer to the old “bassdrum vs. bassline” mixing problem, I usually put a 24db highpass on the bassline and set it to 0.10 to 0.50% and 0.00% resonance. this kills all frequencies below approx 50hz-80hz and so the bassline does not interfere with the bassdrum anymore.

actually its even a good idea to use a highpass with 0.10% on the mastertrack, just so the very low end does not get too muddy.

Yes I see what you mean… :)
I have similar methods of altering the track but still…
in regard to this suggestion I made…

You see you can’t be precise about this… and 50-80 is quite a wide range
You would probably use as much as me a more accurate control on freqz…

well, I its a matter of trial and error at the recent point.

I just fiddle around until I like what I hear, hehe. :D

Totally agree.
Just trust your ears!

you can’t know this when using EQ too: they use some sort of “Q” value you don’t know anything about, so what’s the difference?

You culd try putting two EQ in serie or a couple of sendtrack+bandpass+EQ to have a better result (the first solution is probably the easiest :P)

It would be nice with a dB setting in the EQ to set the min/max values of the sliders.