Equalizing/mixing : Concrete Example

I’ve been using renoise for a while and never cared that much about equalizing/mixing.
Unlike most of you I guess, I don’t mind if my tracks don’t sound 100% professional/studio/clean, but I don’t want them to sound too “cheap” either. :)

So lately I decided I’d make an effort and browse quickly through various tutorials, but I have the feeling I’m not getting anywhere. Although I try to pay attention to my instruments, use equalizers, compressors, gates and so on, I have the feeling the sound doesn’t get any “clearer”.

So I’m asking you to show me how YOU do this.

I have uploaded here (http://headache.speed47.net/test-renoise.xrns) a one-pattern xrns file.
Very basic : kick, snare, bass, piano. It’s just a start but still, I already have the impression it is a bit “blur” and I’m not getting the best of it. Also, i don’t understand why the output meter goes into the red already when I’m using only 5 tracks !

Can anyone please upload a new version of this one pattern, showing me concretely what he would do to improve simply the equalizing/mixing ?..