Era - Plugin With Midioutput

Recently discovered Sonicbytes ERA, a VST which is a stepsequencer, perfect for my needs. demo avaiable.

However, its only output is MIDI and there is no standalone, so I cant use MidiYoke or similar. I also tried to put it together with drumatic into a Synthedit Container and export it as VST,but that didnt work …

anyone has an idea how to make it work in renoise ? Or knows a similar step-sequencer-VSTi (for drums) ?

use energyXT and the plugin within energyxt ?

mhh, I will try that. thanx !

doesnt work, energyXT does not pass the play/stop/songposition commands to ERA, so I cant sync it to renoise.

ERA doesn’t work in renoise here.
But i don’t really miss it, because there are many other nice plugs like this.

Have you tried loading ERA into a sequencer MIDI track in XT and syncing the sequencer to external?

Had the chance to test this now and have managed to get this working.

You need to:

  • Load XT VSTi

  • Make sure auto suspend is off in renoise VST settings

  • Load sequencer within XT VSTi (right-click menu)

  • Open sequencer and set sync mode to external via the options dropdown menu

  • Make sure you have a midi track hilighted

  • Open the sequencer mixer (Show mixer under options)

  • Load ERA via the […] button in MIDI fx - Groove

  • Set your MIDI track to MIDI out 1 via right clicking on the MIDI track (in the same region as the mute and solo buttons are)

  • Load the VST you want to sequence in the main window of XT and connect the MIDI out of the sequencer to its MIDI in.

  • To open ERA double click on its name in the sequencer mixer.

There are other methods to do this also via loading XT VST inside the XT sequencer which will allow you to dock ERA. Let me know if you need this or are interested.