Ergonomics Of Zoomable Automation Editor

Hi devs,

great job on the zoomable automation editor. I think this is a real improvement.

Now I want to give you some feedback on a small ergonomical issue:

I think it would be better if all automation points of all displayed patterns could be accessed directly with just a single mouse click.
Problem is right now, that you always have to select a specific pattern, first.

i agree would be a good feature to select more than one pattern to edit, also the big zoomsteps - i dont like…

I would assume that is to keep us from accidently clicking on the automation and screwing it all up? I guess we could just ctrl-z though. I actually prefer it the way it is now…I guess an option for either would be nice though.

The current selected pattern can be altered without inital mouse click.
So I don’t think the reason for another click is to protect us from screwing things up.
Moreover you still have the possibility to undo your changes.