Eric Chahi Returns...

If you knew the game “Another World”, you might be interested in his latest project…:

It took him quite some time since the previous project (Heart of Darkness in 1998).
The graphic design looks pretty slick in this one as well, the 3D visuals do not seem that astounding, but i suspect the stills make it up again for it.

Interesting god game, where you help your devoted tribe to survive to tsunami & eartquakes…
too bad we have to wait 17 long days until it’s finally available in stores here in France.

Since Another World / Out of This World is my all-time favorite game, I had to check out the link.
Must admit I wasn’t too impressed with the trailer - but then, nothing much was revealed.

Then I managed to locate this tech demo, which is pretty cool:…o-is-phenomenal

Did you watch all three or just the first one that loads? Not that any of them say that much…

It’s the whole ‘god game’ genre that I don’t find so appealing: Populous, Black and White, etc.*
Eric Chahi might pull it off, though…he’s an unusually creative person.

  • However, if Archipelagos (1989) counts as a god game, I liked that one because it had a great (and very psychedelic) soundtrack :slight_smile: