Erik Xvi - When Particles Collide

It’s not a common occurrence that I manage to finish a track, but here’s one that’ll soon be coming out:

Any feedback welcome.

Very good track, nice atmo.

i like the raw energy building up when the track progresses and it starts sounding more rawwer and louder. you have a nice contrasts with the string / pad / melody parts against the raw snare and raw synth sounds you introduce in the second half of the track.

although the raw energy is really i nice the sound of it all has a bit a boxxy feeling to it and could use a bit of brushing up. shelving the low and upper end of your kick and some other sounds could make it sound more full and punchy next to the raw energy. now it sounds raw together with the raw feeling it create. :blink:

Love that pad! Where did you get it from / make it in, if I may be curious? :)

I know what you mean about boxy. I’m still not quite satisfied with the final mixdown, but I’ve been tweaking it so much now back and forth that I had to stop somewhere!

It’s from this little chap:

Surprisingly good for strings and pads. There’s another pad from there used to play the melody line in the background in the second part too.

figgered it would be hardware, too lush :)