Eroticore Stench-Dropped & Destroyed

new DrumStep track uploaded

please feel free to leave comments under the tracks on my soundcloud

hey s-n-s your bass is like a drill in my brain :lol: :lol: :lol:
cold industrial atmospheric pads, really energetic heavy parts, good noisy electro fx,
it’s metal,
but there are lots of really unexpected choices
there’s something I like in your music,
it’s that beetween the electro, the metal references, the industrial, the pads, the noises,
I finally can’t really predict easily where you’re going
it creates a slight fear

hehe thank you very much for the kind words,i hope it is a good fear atleast:)

it’s strange, but I think that music helps me to go through intense feelings, whatever they are made of, high hopes, but also the unease, some dark moods or frightening visions
I’m a bit too neutral or rationnal in my daily life, a little bit of fear it can’t be a bad thing

hehe well im surely glad i can help,would be awesome if you would tell your friends to check my music out,im working on some remixes of my new tracks,and i can promise you that they will be dark and heavy:)

again thanks for listening

mental man!

thanks i am a mental person,so i take that as a compliment:)thanks for listening,if you like it please recommend it to your friends:)