Eroticore Stench-First Dub

just uploaded a small preview of my first try at something dubsteppy

would really like your input,as im totally new to making this

right now its almost only basic beat and wobblebass

would really like your input

i know i can make this better[eroticore-stench]/[eroticore-stench-new-dub-attemp-preview]

the bass works nicely… drums might need some whooomp. not much there yet, as you said.

the bass as it is now,isent split in low,mid,high(i havent really cared for that)

i have given the snare some more “splash” will post new version soon,and im working on some synth.-lines,but i think the ones i come up with sounds very cheesy :rolleyes:

I can’t really seem to wrap my mind around this track. That could be considered a good thing! But not to me… Although I like where this is going sonically, I really miss a hook, something to grab my attention and drag me across the composition. The bass feels really off for me, it doesn’t really work together with the beat to create a groove of some sort. At least, to me. Although it’s a work in progress and I can’t say too much about the thoughts behind it, direction you want to take, etc… the track in its current ‘vibe’ doesn’t really work for me…

i think i got the bass kind of right(im happy ith it)but its the dubstep beat i think im having problems with,this is my first time at producing something where the beat isent fast,so im having some problems with making beats at low speeds

i dont tend to have this problem when im making breakcore:)

right now im experimenting with bpm and lpb

this is made using 110bpm 12lpb and a pattern lenght of 90

What you could try maybe, is first simply make a 4-to-the-floor beat on your wobbles. That way you can easily determine where you can break the beat, where you can put accents, etc… dubstep often strives to be minimal, so effectiveness is the key. Hope that might be of use :)

already there its to technical for me:)i have never paid attention to those kind of things

have uploadet a different version now,i have a shit stereo,and mixing on headphones so dont know if this is a improvement

had a listen right now, what happened to the lower frequencys ?
another thing is, the wobble is not realy in time with the drums, how do you set up the wobble ? lfo or handmade ?
if you use lfo, then use in the lfo frequency setup only even numbers (2,4,8…) at first.

i must admit,i made the wobble samples i exported from ableton,and then threw the bass dsp chain from vivaces demo track on

i wrote a reply to this, but then i was interrupted. the first thing i’d point out is that dubstep is usually around 140bpm. the half-step approach, which is the prevailing one, is a half time feel, so the kick is on 1, and the snare is on 3. you can experiment around with with extra kicks, syncopation, high hats on the offbeat (like house or uk garage, which it evolved from). in fact a lot of dubstep now falls into either the heavier rockier beats, or the funkier syncopated beats… but its all at 140bpm or around that usually (either half time or not). i’m not saying you have to follow the formula but that’s what it usually is.

you have to also think about how the LFO automation is actually adding to the overall rhythm. i think if you actually consider the filter envelope, when it is opened up as a rhythmic beat, you should be able to tap the rhythm on your desk and have it work. this works with most wobble dubstep i think… the wobble is part of the rhythm. often the wobble adds a triplet feel to the music. i think your track at the moment has some of the sounds of dubstep, but the groove isn’t there, its what you need to find (and if its not at 140bpm, that’ll probably make things interesting too). one thing you could do is listen to more dubstep. here’s a mix a friend of mine did which you may enjoy and get some ideas from… in fact i may post this on off topic but this made me think of it… its a really good mix, one of the best i’ve heard in the genre:

right now im using 110 bpm and 12 lpd i guess i will have to fine tune this

i think its a better way if you try to understand what botb does in the demosong. maybe play a bit with his settings and change some parameters and stuff. it`s quite simple after you know how to do it, but thats always the case ;) and also try to use the tips from genfu!

Hah! Awesome! :)

There are some things to consider about that DSP chain tho… The LFO on the low-pass filter is mandatory for getting a wobble out of whatever you send through there (in jong belegen, it’s a square wave). If you use sampled wobbles for this chain, I suggest you remove this filter and LFO, or perhaps sample just the tone from ableton and send that through the chain. If you chose to remove the filter + lfo, I also suggest you remove the distortion that sits before the lfo’ed filter, as it’s put there to add more high-end to the sound that I thought was needed to make the bass sound broader (ie. more room towards high-end).

extremely good advice in this thread thank you

what bpm lpd and pattern size do you guys normally use for that dubstep feel

140 and 8 :) Pretty standard, but it works!

ok thanks BotB

have just uploaded a completely new attempt at dubstep

its not at all finished but would like your inputs

heres the link

EDIT:gonna upload a updated version of this tonight,just noticed the ending of the uploadet .wav file is a big mess

Definitely makes more sense than you first attempt, which on just a quick listening didn’t seem like the drums were in time with the bass. This definitely seems to gel together a lot better.

really liked everything up until the 50 second mark…

what didnt you like after the 50 second mark???