Eroticore Stench - Promo Mix 2012

just uploadet a 43,50 minutes long Promo mix of some of my newer tracks

5 tracks of Drumstep 5 tracks of Heavy Drum N Bass


1:ErotiCore SteNch - Apocalyptika
2:ErotiCore SteNch - Krematoria
3:ErotiCore SteNch - Forgotten Not Forgiven
4:ErotiCore SteNch - Necromentia
5:ErotiCore SteNch - Into The Dark
6:ErotiCore SteNch - Codename Yellow Snow
7:ErotiCore SteNch - the BIG bang
8:ErotiCore SteNch - Gateways
9:ErotiCore SteNch - Vomitus
10:ErotiCore SteNch - X-Session

nice mix. there are def some interesting tunes.
but theres a big lack of midrange in all tracks (~500 - 2k), is that intended?!
maybe the eq, on the dj desk used for mixing, had a mid- kill switch that was on. just a guess.

thanks,yeah i noticed today that the presonus studiolive 1602 im running my audio through had the eq on,will fix this and re-upload on thursday when i get back home