Esc Global Edit Mode On/Off

I use Lock Focus Off most of the time. If I’ve been navigating around say the Disk Op, loading a few Samples and Instruments and I’ve left Edit Mode (Rec) on from previously doing some programming I expect to be able to hit Esc to turn Edit Mode Off and then hit some keys to see what I cam come up with with the newly loaded samples. This does not work and I repeatedly enter data in the pattern which I didn’t want there, possibly overwriting stuff I do, and having to Undo to get back where I was.

As soon as a Note key is pressed focus jumps back to the Pattern Editor too. Not sure this is desirable either. Load an Instrument, play around on the key quickly. Decide you don’t want that one and you then have to check back in Disk Op, rather than just going to the Up/Down keys to navigate/audition other possibilities.

Can we have ESC as a Global Edit Mode On/Off.

Playing notes does not focus Pattern Editor. (Actually as it only does this IF Edit Mode is On this is possibly best left as is.)

Hear hear. Also, channel mutes /unmutes from the keyboard should also function in DiskOp view and any other views!
It’s only logical.

yes, i totally agree.

I like the idea, just want to point out something: In general, where drag’n’drop operations are supported (disk browser, matrix etc.), escape will cancel the action. Likewise, where audio preview is possible (disk browser, sample editor), escape will cancel the preview.

And since this happens in sequence, theoretically you’d need to press escape three times if you happened to be previewing a sound while dragging a file:
1st press will cancel the drag-drop operation
2nd press will abort the audio preview
3rd press will toggle edit mode

They already should be. Did you try assigning Global -> Track muting -> Mute track XX ? (Every shortcut in the Global section should work anywhere in the Renoise GUI)

I did actually think about this, although I didn’t give it a mention. I can happily live with it only toggling Edit Mode if no other action is happening for it to cancel. In fact surely the same goes for when it is in the Pattern Editor as most people have Focus Lock On so when they load a Sample or Instrument they are not actually changing the focus to the Disk Op. So it is still keeping the same behaviour as elsewhere so not bringing anything new thus not worth mentioning here.

On a not quite related note shouldn’t the Keyboard Focus option be in the Options dropdown menu, not the View one? It doesn’t only change the way you view things but actually changes the way you operate…

  1. yes, i think that would be a proper compromise.
  2. indeed, thought it was pretty weird that option was in ‘View’ as well.