Escape from planet dystopia, retroish synth soundtrack

About 90% complete. Still needs volume/velocity curve editing and transitions need some tweaking.

Not an actual soundtrack for anything, but it was an easiest way to describe genre.
There is a story though, but you are free to make up your own.

[details=“Click to view contents”] Near apocalypse dystopian cyberpunk planet is facing it’s end. The once powerful global despotist
government has fallen and cities have become battlezones. Only sorrow and despair is left.
Far away from cities group of human and robots are collecting scrap from huge piles of junk. They are building
a spaceship to escape this hell. Last parts of the ship are being assembled and it’s finally nearing it’s completion. …
Blast off! - the scrap ship flies against all odds. As the survivors escape the planet they look out of the ships
windows and see series off nuclear explosions turning their former home into a burning wasteland. [/details]