Esi's Juli@ Card

i think about selling my EMU 1212m card because of the annoying no-asio-sound after asio-application-crash until reboot problem.

has anybody experience with the sound and the drivers (latencies)? equal to m-audio cards or better in sound? the esi websites talks about high quality converters (like in the emu-cards?!)

I hate that ‘ASIO-crash-bug’ too.

But the new EMU drivers will be out April or May (v1.72) that will “address ASIO driver optimization, improved ASIO host crash recovery, and SONAR sample rate changes”.

I still think the EMU cards are fabulous. Lets hope they will nail that bug in the next update.

i havent tried it myself but i heard its a good soundcard…

Guest = me

(Got nothing but it seems Parsec is also currently lamenting his 1212m)…a8b7f7360c78839

From the threads I reckon that quite a few of uses monitor speakers and sometimes they take digital + they often have good converters in those monitors. It then doesnt matter so much if good or bad soundcard and while Soundblaster does not have best sound, but its cheap and gets very good stability with the KX project drivers. I run my audigy2 at 5.33 ms latency up to 70% cpu time in 1.5final. Then I have to increase the buffer.

digital monitors or external converters and a cheep card with digital I/O would be a solution …