Essential Features/fixes (if They Aren't Already)

Hi all,

As a long time user of OctaMED Soundstudio, I’m new to Renoise, and so far, I’m impressed with it. However, to tear me away from Soundstudio completely, I have a few suggestions. In fact, some of them might already exist, so please say if they do. Also, if anyone here agrees with these suggestions, again, please let us know!

1: Master song transpose
Not just where all the notes go up or down x semitones, but a “master song transpose” independent of the note data (similar to Soundstudio). This might seem unimportant, but it’s amazing how hearing the song in a different key can help the creative process. For me, this is a super important feature, and I may not use Renoise properly without it. Please support this simple feature, and put it in the “Song settings” in the form of a slider!

2: Not easy to change tune speed
Again, there should be a master speed setting in the “Song settings” panel, also in the form of a slider.

3: Undo - holding key down should rapidly undo multiple changes.
When I have entered a lot of incorrect notes, I want to be able to undo them quickly. If I hold down CTRL z, and keep it held down, why doesn’t it quickly cycle through, instead of doing a single undo??

4: Note stops in sound editor if you don’t keep it held down
Is there any way to keep the sound playing after you tap the key in the sound editor? It stops immediately, which is good in one way, but it would be nice to have the option (especially for testing out chords).

5: Ability to hide tracks with no notes in
Sometimes it can be a real pain showing tracks with no notes in them. They can easily waste space, and take up valuable time when you’re trying to move between tracks to edit notes.

6: Automatically assign instruments to particular tracks so they change automatically when you navigate the tracks
This would save you having to hunt an instrument down. Again think of the time saved. This would work particularly well if combined with the above feature.

7: Visual line/curve next to track
Volume, echo intensity, filter effects all graphically represented next to each track. It’s a next generation tracker feature! Soundstudio will have this. Why can’t Renoise?

8: Deletion/entering of notes faster
If I want to erase notes, or enter a particular note many times, when I press and hold, the notes should enter quicker than they do (50/60fps instead of around 20fps).

Please fix these bugs/idiosychrasies. Renoise would be incredible if they were!

As I tend have each sample/instrument on a dedicated track, I this idea a lot! :w00t:

It’s not quite as simple as a slider, but it’s still possible and rather easy to do this. Open up Advanced Edit, choose “Whole Song” as the selection, under Notes choose “apply to All”, then use the -12, -1, +1 and +12 buttons as much as you like. Of course the problem here is how to make this feature only transpose melodic content, and ignore things like drum samples which you probably don’t want to touch? If you are only composing instrumental music, then no problem for you :)

I don’t quite follow you on this one. You can change the BPM by clicking the left and right arrows next to the BPM value, right-clicking will change by 10 steps instead of 1. You can also click+drag up or down on the BPM value itself, and again, using the right mouse button here will move in larger steps. Sure, it’s not a slider, but it’s hardly difficult either.

I agree on this one. Having key-repeat for every possible keyboard related function would be handy.

No, except to create a sustaining instrument envelope on that sample. I agree that a few alternate sample preview modes could be useful.

Several people agree with you on this one. Being able to temporarily hide tracks would come in handy. Of course, if the problem is that you have too much empty space between 2 tracks you are modifying extensively, then you can simply drag and reposition Track X so that it is side-by-side with Track Y.

This is already possible with the Capture Instrument feature. You can find the button to enable it in the top/left corner of the screen, near play/stop/etc.

Agreed. A curve right in the pattern next to your notes, with a little dropdown menu to select which curve you are editing. Unifying the curve and note data in this way, even if it is just a visual enhancement, could be great.

You can change the key repeat rate in the preferences. It goes all the way down to 5ms, which is more than fast enough for my personal tastes.


Hahaha… yay!

I don’t know what I was smoking here to be honest. Perhaps it was an older version of Renoise, or maybe I was thinking of something else (I thought of this ‘feature’ a while back). I’m just starting to get back into Renoise, and there it is at the top left - great! :)

Ah, I meant that none of the data is altered. All the notes in the tracks are still the same. But rather only the ‘master’ transposition is changed. This would be in an easily accesibile place like the speed is, or maybe in the “Song Settings” panel.

By the way, sometimes it can handy to alter the transposition of percussive instruments if they have a tone. Even some snare drums can have a dominant frequency to them. They can go with the chord/bass better at certain notes. But yeah, the option would be nice!

Plus it would be very easy to incorporate this feature. The priority of a feature should be its usefulness divided by the time it takes for the programmers to implement it. In this metric, this would be near the top I think :)

Also it would be cool if another type of undo undid a whole action of sequences. For example, editing notes in one sequence would be ‘one big undo’, and copying pasting a section would be another ‘big undo’. Big undos are nice.

Excellent! Johann’s pleased too I see :D

Lol, I guess I’m lucky it does it at all, considering 99% of other programs don’t allow you to do anything like this. However, yes, I’d like less than 5ms if possible. This is another ‘old’ feature I thought of, so sorry I didn’t make myself clearer.