Evaluate Selection In Renoises Scripting Editor

This is something I really like in SuperCollider3, very useful too.

Pretty much just select an area and evaluate it.
What do you think?

I thought exactly the same, would be really useful.

What exactly means “evaluate a selection”?

to “only” evaluate the highlighted area:

Along with evaluate selection SC3 can also evaluate only 1 line,
to get an idea of why:

1 line, 140 chars = the twitter char limit, that they used to share on twitter.
then they made an album for The Wire and named the tracks as the code used to create them in SC3.
Quite interesting, some of it is very noisy, if you want to have a look, they have mp3’s:

I thinks he means executing only that small part.

But that has no real meaning if the part is depending on other functions to run first.
But i admit, there were cases where i also liked to sexecute a snippet inside the terminal rather then manually typing out a couple of lines.

vV, are you a GWAR listener? :P

No not really (what is GWAR anyway?), that was just a plain dump typo

gwar is a weird american scifi horror porno shock rock band:
if unreal tournament and warhammer was combined with american heavy metal it would easily be gwar’s universe.

They made a song a long time ago called sexecutioner, no real reason to know anything more than that, and I was just messin with ya.