Everyone Move

I’ve written another song, and the conecept behind it was – KEEP IT SIMPLE.

When I listened to Moby’s new album, at first I felt like it was a bit slow or it was missing something. And then I remembered, I’m possibly the biggest defender of piano rave anthems on earth. Once I let my mind slow down I realized he wasn’t trying to make the most complex or articulate songs (as seems to be the case nowadays) - they were just plain good tunes.

It refreshed my memory of what I like about old techno. It doesn’t have to have 200bpm, or have 100 channels with 3 effects each to be good.

So the next time I was sitting infront of renoise I made a concious decision - I’m always trying hard to write something complex, and there is nothing wrong with a good techno hook at 120 odd bpm. (Even if I haven’t written a song at that tempo in many years!)

So anyways, thats quite a rant. I wonder if anyone else on this forum finds themselves making too-ambitious attempts at songs from time to time, just because they don’t want to feel like they are doing the same thing over again??

In any case I just felt like writing something techno-y.


I think it worked out well. Comments and feedback welcome!

expected something moby/prodigy oldschool kinda vibes… as you mentioned the piano’s and all ^_^
but none the less, i’m feeling this one … good job. funkeh filtering. perhaps you could do a little touch up near the end as it felt a slighty messy. or not. overall enjoyed it

Thanks for the comments. The hook is an oldskool pattern with a newschool oldschool sample. Did that make any sense?

I specifically tried not to use a piano… just because my solution whenever I get stuck is reach for a piano. If I were to remix it, it probably would get some piano breakdown treatment! =)

I moved to a new office and my sub doesn’t seem to put out any bass in this room, I think I don’t have good placement of the sub with my new setup, because when I listened to it in my car that bottom end was pretty heavy with bass… hard for me to tell though?

I read your reply in my ACPIMCD002 thread, you guilt tripped me into a review buddy. ;)

Very “light rock” intro compared to what I am used to by you, but the subtlety pays of in longevity, the track has a nice solid groove all the way through. Classy vocals, too.

Hey Dac - hahahah - guilt and pity, my biggest weapons! =)

Thanks for checking it. It’s definitely not that hard… but thats okay I’ve got something half cooked-up that is nice and hardcore. For some reason though i can’t get the bassdrum to sound hard. I put on distortion, compression… everything I can think of, but I can’t make a hard kick.

But in any case - back to this one. It’s just such a simple oldskool sounding tune. The reason it’s not even more obviously oldskool sounding is because the attack on the synth lead is slightly faded in… kind of like a benny benassi stab/hoover/bass/lead sample (thats what I call it!)

Now that the song is done, I kind of wish it was harder with more piano’s and rave chaos. It was hard to leave them out, and now that I did I miss them!