Everything File Search

been playing around with this little program. It’s super fast, especially considering it has a global scope. If you’re looking for a sample manager it’s definitely worth playing around with, although it’s not really meant for that sort of thing.

On the other hand, I noticed that it has a command line executable that could be incorporated into a nice little tool. Could be useful for improving the native browser, as I remember many people have mentioned wanting in the past.

Just thought I’d point it out for those who might be interested :)

edit: playing around with the command-line version and fyi, if you’re getting a message about an “IPC server,” turn on admin mode. Don’t know why, but it works.

I cannot live without this program. It’s something any computer should have. Instant searching of any file or folder (or path!) on your computer, with easily sortable results. It even supports regex.

it’s a great little program indeed. and very lightweight. love it