"Everything You Wanted" - my first ever Renoise track!

Hey guys!!

I’m pretty much completely new to Renoise… I’ve mucked around in it a bit before, but this is the first fully finished thing I’ve made. I usually work in Logic Pro, but now I’m seriously considering using Renoise more because it’s so quirky and different from anything I’ve used before.

(I hope I embedded the player right…)

((nope couldn’t figure it out. :P/>))

Cool! I’m not really into 4/4 stompy bangers but I find this quite charming. Nice snakey melodies and crisp sound with good clarity between the individual elements. The kick is a bit breathy in places but overall awesome job! Look forward to your next tunes…

PS. Not that it should matter but it’s great to see some more female contributions in the renoise community!

PPS. Sheeeiiit, just listened to some of your other tracks on soundcloud and they’re really good!

Hey i like the groove PM me i would like to collab a song with your groove :P !

Oh and by the way replace the https to http and your link will work !