[evk07]rayn - Something (or Insert Stupid Name There)

So, this was my entry for the OGG Music competition at Evoke. Reached the last place, but heck… it came through the pre-selection. \o/ The track was actually supposed to be sent into the 64k tiny music compo, but I didn’t managed squeez the tune into 64k zipped at all. Ended up with a 71kb compressed file in the end with some help by looza who showed some l33t xrns xml hacking skills. :)

However… clickedyclick - it’s the source file btw. The track is all in all a bit messy, since it was hacked together in somewhat 2 nights.

This one was actually very funky. It took me by surprise. :)
God damn all these other names you guys use though, it totally confused me who actually made this tune!

uhm… w? :huh:

Well, this raYn thingie is actually the try to get a bit away from this tracne image… I mean, errr… yea, I do/love trance but maybe just 50% of that time at all.
However, I’m glad you doods liked it. :)