Evolution Ekeys 49 C

How good it is? anybody have it? I mean, i know its functionality, i’m more interested in physical quality of keys etc…

ive got it…

happy with it sofar…

the white keys ‘feel’ a bit plasticy when playing although the black keys ‘feel’ more solid. the rotary knobs also have a nice feel to them.
its not super sturdy but thats the price you’re paying.
for my little homestudio its all i need.

so yeh, try it out yourself and make up your mind… otherwise shell out allot more money for some ‘brand’ name…


very same here.
I feel comfortable with it. Considering the price, I’d say it’s good value.
I have to add that I don’t really use it MUCH. What do I know? Maybe it will explode in a matter of days… actually it does the trick :lol:

ok thanks… i think i will check it out!!

Actually i ordered the “evolution MK 449 C” first, but there were some problems with delivery (it took very long) so i gave up and canceled the order…

But then i started to think, do i really need those knobs and faders etc… Of course they are handy from time to time but absolutely not essential to me. So i thought that functionality of ekeys 49 c will do the job i need (send notes, play chords etc)

The only cocern is the quality of those keys… If the MK 449 C is a lot more firm and solid then i would prefer it.
But i think i will try to find them in some store and check them out.

The only problem is that here in Estonia the marek is so small that we don’t have here any decent stores… Stores don’t have s**t in the warerooms :(

i believe the 249C (i have) and 449C etc. are all the same build-quality.


ps. and i bought it second hand (untouched, as new) for 100 bungholias :)

Yup I bought the ekeys49 +/- 2months ago… Just buy it! It’s doesnt cost that much nowadays. At first it (especially the keys) feels plastic. almost like a casio keyboard. But then i got used to it and i composed my 3 better tracks with it. See below.

I dont use the wheels at all though, dunno why they are there. <_<
Ps: I bought it new €99,- a good musicstore in amsterdam there were also 3 smaller keyboards (1,5 octave) those were over €180 :lol: