Ex Roland engineers release freeware software drumsynthesizer

Pretty great sounding .
It only works standalone and it needs a midi loopback device when sequenced from the included sequencer .
The soundengine is stand alone and can be sequencedfrom your hardware seq ( if you have any )
Lot’s of parameters to tweak and it sounds pretty great too


Link to the software?

Are you serious?
~~there is literally page on their site rc808 download.

Ah! The “post a link to a page that makes people look for the link to thing you are actually talking about”

That page would have made for a better link than “About us”

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No linux version :frowning:

This automatically happened when I pasted the url
Blame the webhosting service , not me

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np. Thanks for posting this!

Think it would run under WINE?

Mac and Linux will follow soon, but I hope they also will make a VST version. Why standalone, I don’t geddit.

Possibly it’s working, but I don’t use wine and I try to go 100% Linux.

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How do you know? Is there more info somewhere?

Damnit, sorry, I misread the 3rd disabled link as “Linux coming soon”, instead it’s written “ref manual coming soon”.

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Damn, it sounds really good. Never heard other software sound so “broken” and analog before.

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Mausynth in the synth section
the RC-808 on the drums
Renoise as D.A.W.

great drum sounds!