Exact Bpm Values (again)

I have brought this up before, but since this is propably the most important update to me, I would be more than eager to know what the situation with this is. I hope it will be fixed in some release at least?

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, I mean the BPM values of Renoise (or most other trackers for that matter) not being correct (only a few of them, like 90 and 125) and this creates lots of problems. For example when trying to work with a sequencer (like Cubase -we still have to record our stuff somewhere, right? :)) or trying to mix a Renoise-made tune to some other only to find out 108 is not really 108 after all etc. There are ways around this, like timestretching, but I’d really rather not get into that shit when I’m having a nice blast of inspiration, I’m sure most of you will agree.

I hope it’s not too hard to implement. At least to me it’s a very important issue indeed. It feels kind of silly (especially with a program as good as Renoise) not being able to make a tune in the BPM I want, although I realize it’s not as easy to add as it might seem.

In some release: Yes
In this release: No (too dangerous to fix this now, as this might introduce new bugs)