Exchange Sample

Hi there,

I cannot figure out how to exchange a sample. I recorded a hihat for instance, but I don’t like the sample, so I want to change it, replacing it with another one in the sample list does not help (for some reason all notes in the pattern get the new instrument number of the old hithat automatically). So how to do it?


Sample or Instrument?

Instruments are easy. Set Source and Destination Instrument number in the relevant section of Advanced Edit and hit Remap (or you can Swap.)

Make sure you make the right selection. You are likely looking for Track In Song to change every instance of that instrument in that track throughout the song.

If you did mean Samples within an Instrument then i have suggested the Instrument section of Advanced Edit gets copied as a Sample (within Instrument) pane but it is yet to be taken up. This would help as would make it possible to separate out drumkits you have recorded all on one track, which is quite a popular suggestion, as well as for what you want (well as long as my add a Copy button to the sections is added as well anyway.)

I am afraid, I still don’t get it.
I am just talking about replacing the sample that plays the midi.

So here is an everyday situation: You create some beat and at some point you feel that the bassdrum is not really fitting, so you just replace it with another one. But I just cannot figure out how to do that in Renoise. Just replacing it in the sample list does not do the trick, since then Renoise automatically moves the midi with the sample (very weird behaviour).


How are your kits or instruments organized ? Are they spanned across several keys like using the Generate Drum Kit function ? Or, do your kits or instruments have their own spot in the Instrument Selector ?

Whenever I program a drum or melodic harmonic pattern and replace just the kick or just that one note sample from an instrument that spans across the keyboard, I just highlight the specific kick or note sample, then go to the Disk Browser and choose either Instrument or Sample, find a different kick or note sample and hit return or double click on the new sample and it replaces the sample I highlighted before.

When I use samples that are spanned across the keyboard, like a guitar or piano for instance, I use the Clear short cut instead of Deleting or Cutting it in order to preserve the note pattern when saving the song because saving it with 88 piano samples bloats the XRNS.

Did you even read the links in my post?

From what you have written it sound like you have two samples already loaded in Instrument and want to swap them. Of course dragging and dropping the instruments in the instrument list wont work. Otherwise how would you reorganise your list to make more sense if you wanted to?

So either you load the new sample over the old one, instantly changing it, or you do the Advanced Edit I linked to above and remap/swap instrument numbers through pattern/track/song or whatever selection you want to make.

Well, I just have one sample that I dragged to the sample list (and then I could play it with the keyboard). This one I want to replace now. I think that in that case the sample is also an instrument where it is spanned across the keyboard. (I could also not figure out how to have all drumsounds in one instrument, but in different midi tracks).

But your first remark helped to figure it out! I have to double click the old sample first, such that it opens in the sample editor. I then can doublecklick any sample in the browser and it replaces the one in the sample editor!
(One questions though, is there any way to get the keyboard to focus the sample browser, such that I can use the arrow keys to navigate throuhg it? At the moment no matter where I clicked first, the arrow keys zoom in the opened sample editor).


Of course I read the links in your post. I also tried to swap instruments, but it did not do anything.


Great, thank you!