Exile Using Reaktor 5

We were talking about the use of trakers live, but this is some crazy shit.

if you haven’t seen it, check it out.



Seen it a fair while ago. Pretty f****ing wicked though :D


This is insane! :yeah:

If we`re talking about exile reaktor patch than here he plays some gig with reaktor. Its a mov file, 39mb size. Pretty good too.

native instruments is just plain whikkid to begin with. (tho reaktor being to expensive)
exile just happened to put it to very good use by using its potential. i’m not to fond of most of his earlier music or patches but this patch from all the research i did on it, is very well built.
theres 4 samplers, a variable length, quantizable sequencer on each sampler there is multiple sources that can be used, along with some multi fx.
theres a mixer that he has linked to the midi faders.
he has a multi-osc synth, the snapshots (presets) are linked to the kaospad? an on that kaospad he has linked a multi assignable crossfader so he can flip between any of the 4 samplers.
the qwerty keyboard stuff is is made up of some interesting core modules (mostly complex algebraic equations) that i dont think he built.
i do believe most of that patch is actually from other patches freely and readily available to anyone with a running copy of reaktor 4-5.
he also stated that it has been constantly modified within a 2 or 3 year timespan. so he definitly put some thought into it.

after hearing about it i started workiing on my own similar patch using the dumbed down version he shared. to build a raggalized version modified with a long effects chain on each of the samplers, (reverb, dub delay, comb filters …etc) a mixer, a multi channel crossfader & a real mean multi-osc synthe, but i finally got completely stuck when it got to the time to work on the sequencer. then i goofed up my xp desktop an ive been too lazy to fix it since. :D