I did a track for pandurs new demo which was released at the tUM, it was meant to have some of the classic “demostyle” mixed with modern beats, I hope it worked out.


You can also download the track here. But be aware that is has not much bass, it was mixed for the PA at the party.
And thanx to dblue again for that early commandline-version of glitch that I used alot for the drums. :)

I had not much time doing this (and I suck at those deadlines) and I really wanted it to be hypnotic … But I definately know what you mean. Next time.


well yes … glitch started originally as a perl/php(?) script before it became a vst.


its great to have the old version because you have control about that stuff that is happening, you can basically create loads of variations of the single hits in a loop automatically and just pick the ones you like.

can share this if dblue is okay with it, but its windows only, I think.

edit:just saw that you actually know this. :D

Hi Looza,

Just wanted to say that it sounded very well on th PA at the party.
I like the dubbish work you did with the harmonies. Impressive work for three days.

Great drumprogramming & really great tweaking and filtering on the bassline. Delivers a fairly complimenting atmosphere to the nice visuals. Hope you have more coming, Looza :wink:

I would actually like to do more work with pandur aslong as it is not limited to those “lets start one week before party xx” gigs … :D

A really wonderful song. The variations and tweaks couldn’t sound better and are very well timed.

Nice dub stuff here. Keep exploring that! :D