'expand' Function In Advanced Edit?


I am making a track at 140bpm Speed 3.

I want to Expand this, but the Advanced Edit feature does not seem to work.

If I expand it, the notes are super spaced out… So I change the Speed (from 3 to 2) and it still doesnt sound right.

If I change it from 3 to 1 it is way too fast…

Any ideas / tips?

Thanks in advance

The “expanded” (ie. doubled) version of speed 3 would be speed 1.5, which is of course impossible (*), so you must simply keep speed 3 and then double your bpm instead to 280bpm.

  • It is technically possible to achieve speed 1.5 by constantly alternating between speed 1 and speed 2, like so:

but… just save yourself the headache and used speed 3 @ 2x BPM :)

Thanks for the reply matey.

So, what should I do?

Expand, and then just double the BPM?

( I guess I can find this out by myself!)

Will this give me double time spacing (which is what I want)?

Yes, that’s what I just said :)
Speed 3 @ 280bpm should be what you want.
Good luck!