Experiments ...

wich one is better?

(the chords in the last one are really experimental)

First link is broken for me. Says “this site can’t be reached. http.'s server DNS could not be found.”

The second link works though, and the chords sound good.

I think zCore meant -> “https://soundcloud.com/felixsoft2_new/song/s-pJ5Li” [copy into address bar without the quotes] for the first link Magically fixed :slight_smile:

Just my two cents…On that first link zCore, personally I would drop that high ‘flutey lead’ thingy (just for starters) :slight_smile:


the second is way weirder and interesting

@4Tey updating it now

that “high ‘flutey lead’ thingy” disappeared magically now :slight_smile:

Yep, (but without going into this zCore too deeply…) what I meant was that your ‘flutey lead’ needs a rethink (I felt it was too static, because you already have a static bassline?) I feel to improve that first link you’ll probably need to add some syncopation and more ‘feel’? I would imagine this is why people prefer your second link because it has a little more of those elements :slight_smile: