Expiring Notice Box

The expiring notice box at the start up is very annoying to me. Is there a possibility to turn that off, 'caus it’s turning me of?

(What if a new update has got more bugs then the old version and the older version is expired?
I know that the positive argument is that users with a leaked version cannot use it forever. I’m down with that tho)

Just wondering

no, it cannot be removed. If it could, it would be useless. We understand that this is annoying (though I don’t think you restart Renoise every 3 minutes…), but this is result of bad/unattentive behaviour by some users, and we are sorry about this.

don’t be afraid about expiration date: a new version will always be available and, if more bugs will be introduced, a new beta will be released promptly.

of course, final version will not have this nag screen, so just let’s hope we will have it finished soon.

Thank you for answerring. I didn’t knew the final version doesn’t have this.

Great service too!