Export To Cubase And Logic Audio

Is too complicate to add a feature to export tracks and songs to Cubase and Logic Audio format? And Import them into Renoise?

Because I prefer compose with Renoise, but my mates use those programs and that possibility will make my work more professional and exportable.
Also with that import export, I can share with my friends our work to help each other making the production or remixing our songs.

I think is a great feature, be able to do such thing, it bring me a lot of new possibilities.

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I dont think this will ever be possible. I think even a simple midi-export would be a hell of a problem.

When rendering your song, use option: “Save each track into a separate file”.

Then you can give all tracks rendered separately to your pro-friends to remix and remaster your whole song in Logic or any other soft or console.

Note: Sometimes better to switch off any delays and reverb’s on your trax and apply 'em in mixing progress, to reach better pro results.

I was looking to do so, on my last song but seems that the 1.5.1 don’t have that option any more.

If i’m not wrong that option was a checkbox on the render menu isn’t?

In that case, is no longer on Renoise 1.5.1.

Thansk for the advice.

it still is in the checkbox. between bitdepth & priority

LOL, my apologice, i promess i been looking for that damm option 2 days to export a song on traks lmao and it just dodge me! , and now that you point me, is just right there, like it has been all the time.

Again /bow thanks so much.