Export Track With Volume/effects To Midi?

Ive been trying to readup on everything about exporting to midi on this board but I cant seem to find an answear if its possible to export an track to midi using EnergyXT keeping the volume and/or effects written in there respective columns intact.

What I would like to accomplish but dont know how to do is this: Track somekind of leadsynth in Renoise and then be abel to import it into cubase (Ive been into tracking for 10 years but I cant manage to play those cool tunes on a midikeyboard :P )

Is it possible to do this somehow atm? Or will I have to wait for the export2midi-function getting implemented into Renoise?

Thanks in advance

A simple midi-export would do but I want to have the diffrent volumes and vibrations for each note intact. Cause when I export it with EnergyXT I only get the notes, no volumeslides nor any vibartions that Ive tracked in Renoise.

Edit: I just realized that the topic had 2 diffrent meanings. It should say “Export an track from a pattern with the volume and effects intact to midi” :huh:

So 1 week have past without any replys on the matter so I figure it cant be done.

I can live with having the ability to export the notes like Ledger told in this post: http://www.renoise.com/board/index.php?act…3a8c1d85b7d0fe1

But I cant seem to get it to work even tho I follow it step by step :(

Any suggestions?

Thx in advance

Hi stefanpson,

I missed this thread before but I`ll see what I can do to help you out with this. I am a bit short of time at this second but will get back to you here after trying out the method again from the link you posted. (may have assumed knowledge of a vital step etc.)

Anyhow I`ll post back here when done.

Currently there is no other way to export midi than using tools like MIDI Yoke to transfer your note-schemes to a different host receiving the data through it.

If Renoise it’s data format becomes public (xml) the road will be open for third party developers to write tools that can do such conversions.

Ledger’s option is the very best if you really prefer a .mid file saving of existing data.
Yes, you will have to manually patch the sequences to get the volumes right in this case.

Right I tried my method again and got it working. To make clearer though:

  • Load eXT VSTi as the instrument (slot) that corresponds to the notes in your track

  • Turn off the tick for auto-suspend in the renoise instrument properties
    (this may have been causing the problems before if not done)

  • Open the eXT VSTi editor

  • Right click and add a sequencer

  • Open this sequencer, click on the options drop-down menu, choose sync mode -> external

  • Press record in eXT sequencer

  • Press play in renoise

  • When finished recording go to the file menu and export as MIDI.

The following link is to an rns example file. It will only load properly however if you are a registered user of eXT (demo limitation is not being able to reload old projects)


For this example you need to open eXT VSTi press record in the docked sequencer, then press play in renoise.

Thanks for taking the time to explain it once again Ledger :)

This things are still quite new to me. I didnt understand that you had to exchange the other VSTi (Synth for ex.) to the eXT VSTi :rolleyes: I guess I mixed the info from different threads or something cause Ive mainly tried to output from the MasterTrack.

Works like a charm now.

Thanks once again.

No probs, glad you got it working :)