Export - Wrap Tail?

Hi there,

Never used a tracker before, but I was getting sick of the instability of several software sequencers, so I settled on Renoise and Reaper - and purchased licenses for both. I have to wrap my head around Renoise, but I’m getting there.

Having used FLStudio since it was born, I never found the following in any other software package: exporting to wav, but wrapping the tail around.

What does this mean? When exporting a “loop”, the tail (reverb, delay) gets wrapped around and mixed in at the beginning of the loop. Which creates a real seamless loop, instead of having an awkward “cut-off” feeling when the loop starts from the beginning again.

Is this available in Renoise as well? Just checking …

Thanks in advance!

– Frank

Crossfade looping?

It’s not available, but it’s certainly an interesting idea.

At the moment, what you’d perhaps need to do is repeat your pattern sequence, so that when you render it to .wav you are getting 2 copies of your pattern. The 2nd copy would contain the tail portion of the 1st copy mixed into it.

For example, if pattern 00 contains some kind of sequence you plan to loop, you would duplicate it like this:

Then during render, enable “Save each pattern into a separate file”

This will produce two .wav files such as Untitled_Seq01.wav and Untitled_Seq02.wav, and the 2nd file would be ready for looping in the way that you want.

Not quite a perfect solution, but it’ll get the job done for now.

I know ableton has this feature, then the pricerange is changed.

Does this mean we should sell Renoise for 600 EUR as soon as we add wrap tail rendering? :P


600 €, okay but only with free lifetime updates :)

And Kasmo pays my next license. :) Thanks man!

Just keep making renoise better and we’ll be happy.

This is the number one thing I miss in Renoise.
Since I am not producing tracks, but rather interactive soundscapes… nearly everything I do it loops.