Extended Options On Render Menu

Additional rendering features which would be very useful:

  • Selectable patterns to render.
    Maybe something more intuitive than a text box but something to the effect of: [00,02,0A,0C-1A], perhaps even random ordering like [0A,02,1A-10]
    default the box to [ALL] (first to last pattern in logical order). This would be very helpful in rendering loops and or parts of a song.

  • Repeat during render.
    This feature is already partially implemented with the Repeat Pos. in the main panel. If this option could be presented on the Render menu as:
    Repeat [000] and allow the user to repeat the song to the “Repeat Pos.” as many or as few (default 0) during the render.

I am a registered Renoise user and would be very pleased to see these features implemented.


It almost sounds as the windows print dialog :)

  • All
  • Selection
  • Current pattern
  • Patterns …

I second the ‘selectable tracks to render’ feature.

I liked the sound of the other idea as well but think that it might be a little redundant due to the Repeat Pos function.

the repeat pos feature is yet not used in the render dialogue. if you want to loop the last pattern you can simply paste it at the end for three or four times, but if you want to loop two or more patterns it becomes abit of a clicking-excess …