Extension To The Bpm Command

Currently Set BPM (F0xx) is limited to F020 - F0FF (32 - 255 BPM) and even with the ability to set a high LPB value you still see people using figures outside of this range.

F000 still have to stop song so we’ll leave that but what I was thinking is use F001 - F00F and have it work in a similar way that the Volume change of the Retrigger command does.

1 -1
2 -2
3 -4
4 -8
5 -16
6 *2/3
7 *1/2
8 No change
9 +1
A +2
B +4
C +8
D +16
E *3/2
F *2

Giving you access to any BPM value and meaning you can change up (or down) without needing to convert current tempo to Hex and then insert incremental values.

I’d love this. Sometimes it’s just fun to boost the BPM to insane amounts temporarily for maximum glitch-intricacy.

fantastic idea

You can also do that with the LPB.

It might be an alternative to make the BPM an automatable parameter in the master track? That would also allow playing with lfo/keytracking/midi automation on it.

Disregard this if it wouldn’t fit the purpose.

Real ideas in this thread.

It’s a good idea and has been suggested before. May be problems with range and resolution though, especially with MIDI.

The original idea of this thread is a little different and meant to enhance the way in which we can already automate the BPM.

SECONDED. …or rather thirded, or … :D

In fact i just posted another thread about this. This idea (with different modifiers like *fractions) is even better!