External editor for the EQ

I’m simply suggesting an external editor for the EQ, similar to the LFO custom envelope external editor.
A larger window would make it much easier to put the points exactly where you want them. :walkman:

Also overlaying the EQ curve on the spectrum like some VST do would be nice.


What about to have one track eq tied to the spectrum graph if some.track is.showed?

Something like channel strip. Spectrum would be changed by the eq adjustmenst and you will see also another wave in spectrum editor what is very handy for mixing bass and kick and other stuff.

I’d very much appreciate that. Akiz idea even more, because you can drag alter the size of the scopes panel.
Something like this maybe.

Yeah, something like that!
There is just one question:
Should it reflect any selected EQ or it should be fixed (on the end or on the begining of fx chain) and works just like channel strip (maybe add new dynamic processor also :yeah:)?

When i come to think of it i also wish for a 30+ band graphic eq. :D

+1 billion

Really great ideas in this thread, currently the EQ is driving me completely nuts!!

At least some kind of pop-up feature with a greater resolution would be awesome, can’t be too hard to implement??
An analyzer-feature would be icing on the cake!