Extra Midi Mapping Capability

I use an oxygen8 v2. midi keyboard and would love to be able to map the play and stop buttons in renoise to the corresponding keyboard buttons on my controller. This would be a great feature for my live playing.

Been pushing for this for a while now +100%

and dont forget about the record button B)

+1 here

a long time ago i`m +10000000 to this…plz.

hehe…seems you didn’t read my topic: https://forum.renoise.com/t/unmute-all-button-more-midi-conrol/23244

I must tell you that the programmers of Renoise don’t consider the midi implementation, live performance/recording, a priority. So you better forget about having this soon.

It’s a shame tho. As i’ve already said, seems that Renoise keeps focusing on little improvements to keep the bedroom trackers happy, rather than stepping to a higher and more versatile professional level. More sad is that the distance to this is just the simple introduction of a few extra midi capabilities.

Happy to know that somebody else thinks alike. Keep trying guys, they might get suddenly enlightened!

Perhaps your majesty should shell out the money to buy “professional software”?

Us lowly bedroom trackers won’t miss you or your condescending attitude.

Dear Conner,

too bad you don’t consider Renoise professional software. Seems that after all you don’t respec the product or its contributors at all, and only money is keeping you apart from other solutions. It’s a pity. Renoise is by far my favourite tool, and money doesn’t influence my oppinion. As a matter of fact, its price makes it even better.

Perhaps you’re in a bad mood today or just feel a bit frustrated by that money issue, however you should understand that this is a forum to express opinions. The purpose of mine wasn’t to offend any bedroom tracker, i was once one many years ago. I just believe that Renoise already offers such a wide variety of options for those whose goal is mere tracking, that perhaps it would be the right time to add some features for the ones that take the program beyond those borders.


What is this, opposite day?

I have no objection to your suggestion.

I have a problem with the way you brush off users like me who are in the fucking credits of the application as “non-professional” and somehow less than worthy. I was born in 1975 dude. Don’t try a " i was once one many years ago ", we all were. Just because you never heard of me, doesn’t mean I have heard of you, either.

The suggestion is good. Your offer of “enlightenment” is LOL.


are we sensitive or what? seems to me that you have many issues to sort. i didn’t brush off anyone, just would like the software to be more versatile, in order to fit both ends, pro and not so pro, however the program itself is quite professional, you’re the one who stated it wasn’t, or is it a budget thing?

Guess you should have spared us to your birthdate, you won’t like us to think you’re somehow frustrated to be 33 and never made it through the bedroom stage do you? (not that it is a bad thing, becoming a professional never was or will be an obligation to anyone…either you’re into music or football).

As for your “LoL” i won’t really comment it, your vocabulary is proof enough that you didn’t understand the meaning of my “enlightened”.

this won’t really take us anywhere. post something positive, come on.

I never stated this. I implied you did.

See above. You understanding of vocabulary lacks the understanding of sarcasm. I too am bilingual. We’re even.

Agreeed. The suggestion is good and reasonable. I have nothing against the suggestion.

hehe i’ll spare myself to reply to that one.

peace man! :)

yeah ! fucktards and selfimportant pricks on forums… bless the internets !!