Extra Options For Instrument/Sample Volume Ramping ("De-Clicking&#

Inspired by Johann in another thread

Currently, we have the ability to choose the type of interpolation used by a sample. This is awesome. I think it would also be awesome if we could choose the method of volume ramping (or “click prevention”, whatever you want to call it) used, and optionally be able to disable it completely.

So, if I decide that I don’t want/need Renoise to perform this ramping to prevent clicks when a note-off occurs before the sample has ended, then it would be nice if I could disable it. Obviously sometimes this would result in clicks in the output, but I would be aware of this and willing to accept the consequences for whatever special needs I had at the time.

If we take the idea a little bit further, it might also be nice to choose a few ramping styles… linear, exponential, logarithmic, etc., and perhaps a few more ‘exotic’ styles like hyperbolic tangent which I’ve been using to great effect in my own plugins lately. In certain cases perhaps one method gives a more pleasing result than the other, for example.



I paid jeffery lim $200 for the option to disable volume ramping entirely many years ago, but it was nearly an entire tick long. I hadn’t even been noticing it in renoise until you mentioned :P