Extraordinay Music!

Damn… ExtraordinaRy. :S

Hi all Renoisers! :yeah:

Please check out this newest song of mine and let me hear what u think.

It’s all made in Renoise (of course :)). I’ve used some samples (drums only), Vanguard and Wavestation.


Here is the song: Mana Trance

I think it sounded a little “thin” at times like just 2 or 3 instruments. Maybe
it could be an idea to “fatten” it up with a soft, sweeeeet synth pad (maybe
even with a sweeping filter with LFO set to 0.5 or 1 pattern length). The pad
just “holds” chords or part of the harmony.

I really like how you made it sound as if the synth (arp?) was like “above”
the piano, though it wasnt tonally. You can hear the piano perfectly.

I must say first that Trance is not my favorite dish, but I do like those “pure”
melodies. And I thought yours was really good in that apartment and Im
looking forward to you next song, as you get more technical.

Thanks for the advice, Mike_SWE! :D
I agree that it needs some fatness here and there. ;) I am also not pleased with the drum samples. :(

Trance is also not my fav. dish, I just wanted to experiment… Accually I’m into most genres as long as the music is good. B)