I haven’t written for a while, but i just finished this up. Inspired by love, love sickness, depression, then mania. Eyelashes

shoutout to kaneel and mr dollin!

warm n comforting, to me a perfect tune to have on the ipod during work and these autumn days, music does sound better outside you know :)

Thanks Mushen.

I like the crispy breakbeats in this tune. interesting “harpesque” instrumentation, too. the atmosphere delivers a somewhat claustrophobic aftertase, which I guess is completely on purpose. one can’t deny soundtrack compliant qualities to this one…

Lovely tune musically! Sounds like a little music box drifting into a demented nightmare. If you had an album I’d buy it for sure!

A few touches here and there would make this into the amazing category. Some IIEQ on on the instruments to hunt out some mud here and there. Maybe a little more 9XX variety on the breaks too to build developments. :D

Thanks for sharing.

foo?: yah, i have a lot of the parts not separated very well, so more EQing is in order. you’ve got the ear for that. for the breaks, i intentionally refrained from 09xx; the percussion was almost an “excuse” for the melody. this melody meant a lot to me, so i didn’t want to add anything to shift the focus. though i would normally abuse the amen rinse, i went simple.

snoox: i don’t want you to feel claustrophobic, i want you to feel like you’re flying with a big smile on your face

patto: you’re very welcome!

p7: thanks :)

this tune is far from what’d make me “fly” or smile… instrumentation & mood do undeniably deliver rather gloomy and depressive connotations to me. by all respect to you mushen, i simply can’t image how anyone would feel happy by listening to this kind of music. still, that’s my very personal perspective!

wow. like this alot. and want to say that it has resembelance to Motorpsycho & jaga jazzist (in a fishtank) and infected. 2 favorite allaround bands. jackpot Mushen!


That was inspiring.

That was gorgeous.

Excellent work, Mushen.

Great melody work, like it a lot! The break loop is a bit to plain for my likings and repeating quite a lot though.