Ezdrummer - Seperate Tracks

Hi. Somebody has kindly offered to mix one of my Renoise tracks for me… in order to do that he requires the seperate drums components of EZDrummer on seperate tracks.

I could go through my entire arrangement and move all the different drum notes onto seperate Renoise tracks but this is going to take some time. Is there a way in which I can render the seperate EZDrummer components to seperate tracks? Hmm… Perhaps I can disable each component within EZDrummer and do it that way…

OK… I may have found a way which will work but any thoughts on this are welcome.

If you found this:

Then there ain’t much to add, unless you really want to cut and paste your stuff in different tracks.

Your mixing-engineer will do the mixing for you, so you don’t have to worry about that.