F/s My Renoise Licence

I was going to sell my Renoise licence, but seeing what a polemic it caused (to all concerned citizens), I decided not to sell and you all can continue your debates and speculations.
Have fun ;)
And all that for 39euros

can this be transferred for future updates?

It depends on which version the license was purchased. If it was bought for 2.1 you can still update including 3.1

Yeah. But how does it work if I’ve paid till version 5.0 and would like to purchase this to get up until a version >5.0

Can we discuss changing the license transfer policy?

I’m going to lose some popularity points here but I don’t think that people should be able to transfer their license after 90 days, for example.

It’s just a matter of principle. Support the software. Keep the price affordable. No real way to enforce the user “deleting their copy” once they sell it, etc.

U-he allows for license transfer(via selling the plugins that you bought from him to a mate). Renoise is so cheap at 50e that one wonders if it would really be such a big deal for someone to get their moneys back by selling it to someone else who uses it…

What’s stopping this guy from selling the same license a 100 times? Then if anyone leaks it or it is found out in another way the license is revoked. I wouldn’t risk doing this.

Sorry digitaldreams, you’re probably a good guy. I’m just warning people what happens if you turn out not to be.

once the license is sold for the first time, the username and password related to the selling user will be changed and transferred to the new one, provided that the transferring is made through the right process, that is, by contacting Renoise team. Don’t trust anyone who is trying to sell you a license in any way other than through Renoise team intermediation (I’m not telling that the author of this thread is acting bad, I’m just talking in general)

Before I decided to sell I contacted Renoise support team and they told me:
Thanks for confirming your info. Just send us another email when you’re ready
to transfer your license to someone else.
It is VERSION 2.7 and good till 3.7 that is no pay until 3.7 and it is legitimate version
If I sell my licence to someone it will be de-activated from my PC, and I am selling it here so people see that it is a legitimate copy.
Potential buyer can safely buy my licence because it can not be used on more then 1 PC and I imagine that Renoise team will verify the licence and WHO is using it.


Strange that you edit my post and not the moron’s who has no idea what he’s talking about and is creating mistrust and suspicion. It was the main reason I decided to post on this site to avoid this type of problem

Actually you can use Renoise on as many PCs (or Macs) that you own or have access to, as long as you are the only person with access to the licensed copy.

So there is nothing to stop you from using 2.7.2 for the rest of your days, your Backstage login will be transferred with the licence though so any access to upgrades will be removed and Renoise works enough on trust/the honour system to believe you will really not continue using the already accessed full version.

this guy”. “probably a good guy” “just warning if you turn out not to be”.

Sorry, let’s put the thread back on topic.

It is completely legitimate to sell the license. Renoise is totally fine with this. Digitaldreams can sell his license and this is totally legitimate if he complies with the instructions provided by the person answering his/her emails at support renoise. Anyone who wants to buy should PM him and follow the steps.

Ok, with that out of that, this is the first time I’ve seen someone try to sell the license on Renoise.com in a public thread. Usually it’s done like, over the phone to a friend, or on KVR, or whatever. Since this is the Renoise forums, where most of us probably already have a license, and most of us talk about Renoise, I thought we could discuss changes to the policy. These changes have nothing to do with digitaldreams. It’s a side discussion.

Good times.

@Conner: so what you’re saying is that anyone who wants a Renoise license should just buy it from the Renoise team instead of through somebody else selling their license, so the team has their income from that new user. and you are probably saying this because the price for Renoise is so low that buying a license would feel ‘unfair’?

i’m just asking so the point you are making is clear to me (and others, possibly). i’m avoiding giving an opinion at this moment, i feel i need to think about this more.

Yes. This is what I mean. Thanks!

^ well, i tend to agree.

the reason i wanted to think this over for a bit is because of the current ‘PSN pass’ debate. not sure if everybody knows about this, but Sony is going to be using a PlayStation Network (PSN) Pass for all new games that come out from now on (correct me if i’m wrong here), and you cannot play online multiplayer without this pass. the pass will be connected to your user on the PSN. so, from now on, whenever you buy a 2nd hand game (which i do quite a lot), you won’t be able to play online multiplayer without (apparently) paying some extra money. even though personally, i don’t really care for online multiplayer, i still think that PSN Pass is kinda stupid.

HOWEVER, the only reason i buy PS3 games 2nd hand instead of new, is because i think the price (EUR 60) is often not worth it. i’d rather wait for a bit and buy it 2nd hand for, say, EUR 30. imo, this is where the analogy with Renoise stops; i don’t think the price of Renoise can be said to be ‘not worth it’. therefore, i continue to dislike the PSN Pass, and i would support this ‘no re-selling your Renoise license’-idea.

or some sort of a “reduced upgradability” thing. i.e., bought 2.8 and was up until 3.8, sell it at 2.9, the future user receives half or 75% of the upgradability-range of 1 full version, but can top it back up to full 1 version stuffs if new renoise user pays a nominal fee as a kind of donation/costs-covering effort for the renoise team / net presence&etc

@Jenoki: i get your point. this license transfer fee sounds like a good compromise indeed.