F0XX - Set BPM

I’m trying to learn to use the Sample Offset thing, just practicing with lots of different samples. I have the BPM set to 302, and i was trying to make the song go faster at one point and then back, but I couldn’t even get it to go faster, the highest (F0FF, no??) is naturally 255 BPM.

—> How do I change the tempo?

Use half the tempo with twice the LPB. You get the same resolution + reasonable (and command contrallable) BPM.

I.e. 302 BPM @ 4 LPB --> 151 BPM @ 8 LPB

old problem. new discoverer

If SO many trackers use high BPM values, perhaps it’s for the better to make it possible to automate beyond 255BPM…?

could anyone point me to a song which has BPM>255? I mean real Beats Per Minute, not Booms Per Me

“You can’t automate above 255bpm because you’re tracking it wrong.”

Yah right… It’s not what you use but HOW you use it. ;)

Perhaps it is time to learn what BPM stands for and is not made to increase note integrity.
Perhaps it is time to learn why LPB has been implemented.

255lpb/4 * 32bpm = 2040bpm, these are the pattern effect commands:
F020 and F1FF

You need retrig with that as well?

Enjoy using Renoise.

Here’s one…


Okay, fair enough :)

nice way to get friends…

What can I say, I couldn’t help myself. Can’t always be serious on here. :)

Maybe i should put a special filter on that youtube link… i’ve seen a bit too many non-related Rick Ashley replies lately. :P

Thanks for helping a newbie out :)