F3 Button

when i press f3 open disk browser but i want see in f3 instrument editor how make this?

  1. set up the screen the way you want it (open ins.edit., etc…)
  2. locate the seven buttons numbered 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 in the upper right corner
  3. right-click button “3” - you have now saved the current layout to that button
  4. do something crazy to the layout (or at least change it)
  5. press F3 - renoise will have returned to the previous layout (with ins. edit)

Keith thank you! You help me

so the old renoise versions had f3 as the instrument editor.
why did this change?

but i want to help you too :(

i don’t know why it did.
but i know it takes half a dozen clicks and two blinks of an eye to change that to whatever you desire.

my condolences.

You can store your own custom layout underneath each of the function-keys (F1 to F7):
Rightclick underneath the upperright 3 button of the upper frame and then your current layout gets stored.

The next time you press F3 again, it will reappear.
Each number represents its corresponding function key.

It still is? He possibly overwrote his f3 by accident?