Fabfilter saturn shows up as bridged when it`s not? *SOLVED*

VST Caching issue after 32bit version removed and 64bit installed

Here I have Fabfilter saturn 64bit running in renoise 64bit, but the plugin list shows it as bridged:

I am not running sandboxed and this (very minor) issue doesn`t seem to occur with other 64bit plugs.


8334 ff saturn bridged.PNG

same versions looks fine on win10 pro, i5-9600k

Ahh, turned out to be a cached 32bit version issue. A VST rescan seemed to do the trick.

thanks for checking Garf!

In such a case, if a plugin was a 32 bit version once and later a 64 bit update was installed, but Renoise does not recognize it, remove the plugin, restart Renoise and reindex without the plugin, and then reinstall and restart once again.