Factory Content Instruments

I’ve finally had a closer look at the factory content instruments. Those are a mess, as they contain mostly 48kHz 32bit samples (24bit already cover more than the dynamic range of the human ear), but also things like 96kHz 16bit, redundant stereo layers sharing a mono signal and similar stuff. Not to talk about loop settings beyond sanity.

Those things blow up the distribution for no reason. With some decent work the instruments could be reduced to estimated half of their size, probably to even less.

Btw… lots of these sounds set up with basic waveforms and renoise using a proper modulation concept would take a few kilobytes only. Just sayin’… :D

32-bit allows some headroom for during processing with the effects (headroom you don’t have with 24-bit) but i agree, that is not something you need when storing.

Yes, these guys should definitely be corrected.
I have been planning a tool for automated auditioning of content, which would detect such stuff:

  • Samples with bit-rates actually lower than the reported one (see also this link)
  • Stereo samples that are actually mono
  • Automatic trimming of loop points (but this is sometimes not desirable, depends on the source)