Faders and Fader Buttons using M Audio CTRL49 with Renoise 3.1

I recently downloaded xRules to control my Faders and Fader Buttons for the M-Audio CTRL49 using Renoise 3.1 apparently Renoise doesn’thave Mackie HUI controls.

Does anyone know of this or have any ideas of what “rules” I configure for the xRules using Renoise 3.1?

Thanks, RenoiseR’s


Mackie HUI controls.

Have you checked the ruleset called “Mackie Protocol”?


It should be included with the tool, I think.

Edit: Mackie protocol is supported by Duplex as well, and a longstanding issue finallygot fixedlast week.

Duplex is more convenient to use, as it has a readymade template + brings bi-directional communication to the table.