[???] Failed To Load A Preset After Renaming A User Defined Preset

After renaming a user saved preset (“xrdp file”) in a track dsp effect, the list of presets gets not updated with the renamed preset.

Instead the error message “Failed to load a preset (The XML file ‘/home/koppi/.renoise/V2.7.2/User Presets/Delay/#Solar-mine.xrdp’ does not exist!)” appears, when cycling the track DSP’s presets.

V2.7.2 / Linux here. Can anyone reproduce this?

Tried here on Linux and Windows, but could not replicate. Anyone else?

Yes he’s right, provided we’re talking about the same thing - DSP Chain presets get saved as xrnt files though, not xrdp at least on my system - honestly I never bother saving presets of my chains.

Regardless, on renoise 2.7.2 on debian squeeze if i right click on a xrnt in the renoise file browser while browsing DSP Chains, I can type in a new name, but upon hitting the “rename” button the new name does not get applied, like it does if I’m renaming an xrni or xrns file the same way. I don’t get any error however, and backing refreshing the folder (backing out of the folder, then back in) still does not reflect the name change, doing an ls in the terminal also shows that the rename fails.

It all works fine in windows and mac.

Steps to reproduce:

    1. Open Renoise - 2. Double Click on Track DSPs => Bus Compressor to insert a Bus Compressor to Track 1. - 3. Klick on “Init” in the Bus Compressor preset (besides the buttons A,B. ) => Menu appreas. => Save as… - 4. Dialog shows “Please enter a preset name”. Type “my-preset”. Press the ok button - 5. Now, click on the “my-preset” (besides the buttons A,B.) => Menu appears. => Rename… - 6. Type “my-preset1”. Press the ok button.

OK wait! => it seems to work now! – This is strange as I observed a different behaviour (that there was no refresh of the menu) earlier yesterday and I recevied the above error message.

Bug report can then be closed, imho.

I’ll bet you had run the renoise installer as root and were trying to rename files that live in /opt/Renoise/Resources/…

This at least was what led to stumble upon the similar behavior I did earlier today when trying to retrace your steps. I installed renoise in a root shell (bad habit) therefore my user didn’t “own” any of the dirs/files in /opt/Renoise/Resources/ before i chown’d em back.

As it turned out, this issue appeared with bad filesystem write performance.

I’m using the btrfs filesystem under ubuntu and recently we created and deleted millions of very small files on the partition, where Renoise reads and writes its config settings. The “filesystem bad write latencies” issue was fixed by running the following two commands which reorder btrfs’ b-trees and block allocation structures on the ssd:

$ sudo btrfs filesystem balance /home/koppi # reorder b-trees, lots of small files
$ sudo btrfs filesystem defragment /home/koppi/var # defrag for the win

I think, this issue can then be closed, but it is good, to keep it here for future reference as other Ubuntu users might hit on this issue.

Kind regards,