Failed To Open The Mme Midi Device

Hello, I have been trying to get Renoise 1.9 to work with my MAudio Delta 1010LT but I get an "Failed to open the MME MIDI device ‘Delta 1010LT MIDI’! when I load Renoise. Is this a known problem with this card or do I need to do something else to get Renoise to use MIDI?

I know MIDI works on it as Reaktor 5 works just fine with MIDI (and so does the MIDI-OX).


I had this when I tried Renoise on Win Xp x64 and using an audiophile 2496. The m-audio drivers for the delta pci are were fairly old though (2005) and still in the stage. Guess the development has stopped at all.
Well, that was before my pc went nova. Haven’t had the chance to get renoise run on a 32bit sys because of that.

Are you using x64 by any chance? If so, maybe switching to a 32bit sys could do the trick and the delta drivers are more or less still up to date.

Renoise tries to open the WDM drivers first, if you have WDM drivers enabled for MIDI IN you can’t use MME for MIDI out or vice versa.
If you want to fully switch to MME for one reason, first disable all midi by deselecting everything, then select the MME driver, Renoise will then attempt to open the MME driver which it should be able to.
If you have the WDM driver open elsewhere (different application) , you get the same problem