Fair Priced Hosting That Allows Multiple Domains

Hey Renoisers!

I’m looking for a fair priced hosting that allows you to have more than one domain at once.
As some of you may know, most hosts only allow you to have just one domain when buying their hosting.
But I’m actually looking for some good deal host that allows multiple domains at let’s say a 3 GigaByte of volume/space.

And mostly something were you have or had experience with. I’m possible to google myself, but google doesn’t tell you what’s the good price/quality and what’s the bad.

A host that gives you 2 domains would be great too. Since I’m only in need of 2 domains + a host.
I’ve been to some hosts (like Dreamhost.com) but they are more priced for me, than simply paying for two times host+domain (at Antagonist.nl).

and a thanks in advance.

Vincent. (not the one from the renoise youtube tuts ;))

if you also need unlimited mysql + php + mail, go for http://phpwebhosting.com/; it has been my hosting for about 7 years until one month ago; I had some slowness from Italy, so I had to switch to an italian provider, but I was better at them. price $9.95/month or 9.5*12/year

Haha, ja het ruikt hier behoorlijk gek in Reet. :lol: De buurtgemeentes zijn Aartselaar en Kontich. We staan beter bekend als ‘de anale driehoek’. “Don’t mind, they’re Belgians!” :P

Anyways, GoDaddy sounds good but it’s kinda weird they put limits on the transfer… Also, the two domains will have totally different content. So I don’t need to link for example ABC.net to XYZ.net, if that is what you meant?

Pretty happy with Hostgator here. Good support, very stable so far.

Lol. We zullen maar niet beginnen over Nederlandse achternamen. :P

I know 300GB is a lot, certainly if you’re comparing to Antagonist where they only allow 60GB of transfer. But if you take a look at for example One.com, they give you unlimited bandwidth… The thing is, I don’t know how much bandwidth I’ll be needing. If the websites get of the ground, 60GB won’t be enough. 300GB is great, but unlimited is even better. I don’t want to worry about stuff like that. ><

Hostgator looks really good, almost everything is unlimited. But 7.95 a month is kinda expensive… :confused:

I think I’d might as well go with 2 One.com’s. Really cheap; 1,25 a month each*12=30 + two domains (.com/.net) is €54… And a .be is free, so I’d only pay €30 a year… Anyone experience with them?

even 60 GB a month is a lot. what are you planning to, host .bmp images??

I just got a domain hoster (starthosting.net) where i can manage my domains completely…
I lead them all to one ip and use the following trick to display different content:

<?php <br />  
$host_domain = $HTTP_SERVER_VARS['HTTP_HOST'];  
switch($host_domain) {  
case "www.mysite1.com":  
yourhtml stuff here  
case "mysite2.com":  
yourotherhtml stuff here  
case "www.mysite3.net":  
yourmorehtml stuff here  

Now for that you don’t even need to ask your hosting provider to allow virtual sites…

I use https://www.editdns.net/ to manage my mailrouting…
I think that this will save you a lot of bucks if you can manage all that stuff yourself.


£8.99 a month

12gb space

160gb/month BW

8 domains.

I use Network Redux and have a VPS.


The price is definitely fair. It’s not the cheapest out there, but I’ve had horrible experiences with bottom of the barrel providers who overcrowd their servers like a ski donk. After decades of incompetence and shitty service with every other provider I have delt with (i’ve been on the net since the mid 90s) I’m glad I found these guys.

They have cheaper cPanel style packages too.


been recommending http://mediatemple.net/ to friends for a while now. it’s a bit more expensive than the other suggestions here, but MT definitely know what they’re doing and they’re a very trusted name. lots of storage and transfer, and the sites they host are fast as hell.

Thanks for all the suggestions people!

@vV: That sounds really interesting. “…if you can manage all that stuff yourself.” Nah, probably not. Any link or something that explains how to do it? (:
@visinin: Lol, I’m not a millionaire. oO

In the UK evohosting
Been great for me for years
Really reliable low cost
Unlimited everything ;)



editDNS has supportforums… there will always be folks that can help you out with stuff there.
Most important basics is to manage (D)NS and mail MX entries. It is really not that hard even with just a little effort you can learn what this stuff does.
I have my own webserver (xampp -> webserver with MySql for dummies) running on an old Omnibook 6000 here at home so i have no hosting costs at all, just annual domain parking costs and the minor electric bill for running my laptop 24/7. Attach an external HDD to it and you can have all the storage space you desire ;)
Older laptops are cheaper than boxes with MiniAtx boards in it and they do their job well enough.

I am quite happy with http://all-inkl.com although I dunno how the support for international customers is. On the other hand they have multiple domains, unlimited subdomains and all for a fair price.

Too bad I am unable to find an english version of their homepage .