Faking Note-Off/llimiting Polyphony/some Other Solution

I got tired of either tediously programming drums a line at a time or trying to “play” them on a keyboard, so after some fiddling with MIDI Patchbay I’ve got my Band Hero drums “working” in Renoise (it was bugging me that the hi-hat was always open), but I’ve run across a problem when actually trying to lay down a drum track – they don’t seem to send a note off* so Renoise keeps adding note columns until it runs out of space at which point it only registers one hit at a time. I tried disabling “chords mode” but it still seems to add more columns, so is there any way to fake note off somehow, or to get Renoise to recycle an existing note column when it’s run out?

  • They don’t comply with the MIDI standard, but drums are really only a “note on” kind of thing so it seems a reasonable thing to (not) do.

Have you got recording of Note Offs disabled in the MIDI Preferences?

If you are triggering internal samples does setting up a Volume Envelope in Renoise help at all? Doubt it but may be good if it then knew any sample had finished after say 1 second (or whatever the length of your envelope) and thus would go back to previous columns…

Note offs is on; I was triggering a VST, but it seems to work with the XRNI kits included with Renoise – the only problem is that they’re not arranged in a GM-friendly fashion, so I’ll play around with the plugin grabber and the VST I was using and see what happens.

Ok, that works; not the most elegant solution, but a solution none the less. (Bizarrely it still adds extra columns regardless of the setting of the chord mode button, but I can live with that.)

Off to grab a bunch of kits now; this is going to be dull! :)

I’m wondering why this happens too. It’s frustrating because if there was live MIDI on a track, Renoise adds about 16 columns as soon as I hit the escape key to program something, even if there’s no MIDI coming in at the time. Does anyone know what is telling Renoise to add the multiple columns? (Chord mode is off). If I can limit the number of tracks added, I’d be happy with that as well.