Falling Spoon

Hey everyone!
Here is a first version of my new sound, called Falling Spoon…
All advices and critics will be listened and maybe applied.
What do you thinf of it?


I love the beat, but the synth may need some lower frequencies to accompany it. Great work.

I like the bass stabs, feature that stands out most in this track. And the sinewave-ish lead around 2min. gives a fresh “non-sawtooth” (heh :D/>) perspective when it comes in. The arps afterwards are cool, but they could be put into more value. (try a squarewave based sound for that really “nes-chiptune” feel:)

  • it would give the track more “life” allowing it to run longer without sounding repetitive, and that sinewave at the end, could come in again and do something else for extra kicks.

Brings me soo much back to my Amiga and even some C64. The energy, soundscapes, the tunes - warms my heart. I like the beat. Breaking without blocking the continuity of the tune. The amount of different sounds and the use of them is quite good and varied.
Thanks for sharing