Fancy A Game?

Ok, so I got involved with the computer games business. I nice way to start off a year, dontcha think? :) And now it just so happens that the first game that has my music in it was released only last week. It’s called Magic Lanterns and here is where you can download the free demo from. The game is a pretty simple puzzler but realized elegantly. You have your full 60 minutes to draw your own conclusions (after which you can continue to unlock the game for $ 19,99 if you like it ;)).

The game has the total of 3 tracks, one for menus and 2 for the actual game, the other of which I’m responsible for (the one with the shamisen and the drum pounding… and some chips :)). The music was originally drafted in Renoise with VST instruments which I rendered to samples to be used in Ft2, where I reassembled the music and finished it. The .xm was converted to .mo3 with Ogg Vorbis samples to save space with virtually no quality loss. I know the track is pretty short and repetitive but that’s because it was originally meant to be the menu track. Well, since the remaining music resources already existed I was moved to another project with a little more responsibility… but that’s a story for another night. Anyway, I hear good feedback from E3… :)

Nice concept, reminds me of tetris. The music fits perfect :)

Nice! The music fits the game very well.

Btw got world highscore nr 1 (Gabriel) on the puzzle Sakura butterfly second time I tried it :)

Anyone who want to beat that?

Haha, way to go! :D